Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival

The Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network Select Him Upstairs to be part of their prestigious line up of true independent cinema at this year’s Los Angeles Lift-Off 2015!

Los Angeles Lift-Off Festival

Los Angeles Lift-Off Festival

Manx/Liverpudlian filmmakers Sonya Quayle and Neil Mooney were recently awarded an official selection for their film Him Upstairs which was selected out of 1000+ global entrants, to screen at the prestigious Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival, an indie event held annually in Hollywood; which forms part of the wider Lift-Off Global Film Festivals, who have live indie screenings ten cities around the world, including Hong Kong, London and Tokyo.

The festivals motto is: Look beyond the gloss. Put talent before technology.

Something that holds true to Him Upstairs.

At the event all of the films will be scored by the attending audience, where the winners are then screened at all three proceeding transatlantic events, with the ultimate aim to give filmmakers like Sonya and Neil the best exposure possible as they embark on their continued artistic journeys.

James Bradley Co-Director and Co-Founder of Lift-Off says… “Getting into any Lift-Off Film Festival is a massive achievement. The world of independent film has grown so much over the years that many of the grass rooted filmmakers and emerging professionals are left without much of a platform any more. We felt that many of these artists who were producing exceptional work were being hugely ignored – these exceptional artists deserve their work to be seen!”

Him Upstairs will be screened at 7pm on Wednesday 26th August at the Fairbanks Theatre, Raleigh Studios, Melrose Ave, Hollywood 90038.

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