Directors’ Notes – The Shoot

HUM-BTS-028We have a hand signal shortcut code for when we want to say ‘what was in my brain, just came out of your mouth’, because when we are writing together, one of us will often say exactly what the other is thinking at that very moment. These moments are always rewarding, but on the shoot, everything is heightened. There might be three times maximum at the monitor that we have to pause to think about and consider what the other has said. It’s exactly the feeling you are always searching for when you choose to work collaboratively on a creative project.

The team is working so efficiently that we barely know they’re there. The temptation is to name everybody and say how wonderful they are in their own role and how they pull out all the stops to help others in theirs, but we’ll be here for a month. We are so aware though, of the positivity on the set that comes from everybody pulling together. Aware that every single member of the cast and crew cares about Margaret and Frank and their home; that everybody wants to do their absolute best for the film and for each other.

Watching the characters come to life in the hands of such talented actors is a humbling and emotional experience. The energy in the room is something that you feel you can touch.

That’s what we believe we’ll see eventually on the screen. The energy and effort of every single person involved and the care taken over the tiniest details to make this film be the very best it can be.

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